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In life we are sometimes dealt some pretty tough situations. As adults we have learned how to cope and overcome the bumps in our paths. When these same situations are dealt out to children, especially children we have nurtured and loved for 170 days, the bumps seem even harder to understand.

There are angels in this world. Living breathing angels, who also have been bumped and scarred by life. Angels are people who have risen above the most heartbreaking difficult situations and instead of crumbling to pieces, have decided to smooth the bumps on the paths of others. Tonight Mary Muttillo and I are ever so grateful for Bob and Alice Page who created the Bobby Page Foundation to help little ones struggling through, tough heart wrenching circumstances.

I met Bob and Alice tonight to receive a gift of a lifetime for 2 little boys ages 6 and 8; 2 Ipad Minis complete with otter boxes. Mary and I are so thankful for this generous gift which will allow 2 little boys, separated by a death, to keep in touch through Skype from different parts of the country. We also would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the members of the foundation;Bob Page,Alice Page Sommer (Page) vanLieshout (Bobby's sister)Kristin Page, Aaron Page (Bobbys brother), Cary Campanaro,Tammy DiMezzo,Frank DiMezzo, Donna Ciotti, Jim Campanaro, Jim Korpela, Kim Luczak, Eric Luczak, Chip Travis and John Uriar.

The Bobby Page Memorial Foundation was founded in 2006 to improve the quality of life to the less fortunate children in our community.

The family and friends of Bobby Page felt it very important to carry on the true spirit of Bobby who was taken from us at the young age of 25 years old, after a very tough battle with cancer.

Bobby always had a special place in his heart for children.

Bobby, I didn't know you, but I do know you now, and I will never forget your cause. Tonight, you are smiling down from above with pride as you see what great things your friends and family are doing for your community in your spirit. God Bless you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this generous gift for our boys.

    — with Mary Muttillo and Alice Page

FaceBook Post

My Hero

My hero is my Uncle Bob. I chose him because he was dedicated to children, for his positive outlook on life, and for his love of his friends and family. His personality and smile would warm the hearts of those he knew or would meet.

Uncle Bob had a great love for hockey. He always played the game hard, fast, and physical. His motto was "play to win." His love for the game continued, even when he could no longer play, by coaching younger children. Bob had a unique way with children. He would teach them by example and this helped the children reach their potential. He had respect for each player and they respected him. The lessons he taught them didn't end when practice was over. Their self-confidence and respect for others was seen on and off the ice. He showed them how important it was not only to be a player but to be a successful player and how to be part of the a team on and off the ice.

Another reason for choosing Uncle Bob was his positive attitude. No matter what his day brought him he'd never complain. He always tried to find a positive to everything. He would always greet you with a smile and be concerned about you, even when he wasn't feeling well. His positive outlook and courage enabled him to enjoy life until he died.

My Uncle Bob didn't live a long life but he lived a fulfilled one. He touched the lives of many. He showed me by the way he lived that it's important to make the most of each day in a positive way. He also gave me encouragement to accomplish what I set out to do and that I can make a difference in the world.

    — Joshua Luczak

Bobby's life seen through the eyes of a 12-year old.
Josh's story was published along with stories from others his age in "Celebrating What Is Important To Me."
The other children wrote about famous people and Josh picked Bobby.

My Friend, My Cousin, My Hero

I think that if anyone in this world deserves an award for being a hero it would be my cousin Bobby. A hero to me is someone who is very courageous, a person who would never put himself first, a person who is always willing to help others, and someone who is strong willed.

The reason my cousin Bobby deserves this award is because he is fighting an ongoing battle with cancer. The cancer started in his back and quickly spread to other parts of his body. My cousin is a hero because he wakes up every morning in pain not knowing how long he has to live, but that would scare most people. Not my hero. He has the courage to still go out and live his life. Not only does he face the word with a smile, but also he still has his faith in God.

Bobby has always been a person that I had looked up to and admired. I can remember being a little girl at my "Nonny's" house, and always hoping he would play with me. I remember his building me my own fort on the deck so I could fit in with the older cousins.

Bobby might not like the way he looks at the time, but he is willing to talk to people and explain what is going on inside of him.

Bobby is always there for people whether it's a problem, or if you just need someone to talk to. Another reason he would be a hero is because he is engaged to a beautiful girl, who loves him very much. I believe she is where he gets his power to keep fighting this battle. Bobby will never give you, he never gave up in hockey and he is not about to give up now. He has a family and close group of friends who love him very much.

Bobby is faced with cancer at the young age of 25. He is not only inspirational, but he is also heroic. I know that Bobby is going to win this battle, and I pray every night that he does because I love him very much. My cousin Bobby will always be my hero no matter what happens, but I believe that he deserves this award more than anybody.

    — Ashley Corigliano

Note from Ashley that accompanied this tribute:

Aunt Alice & Uncle Bob,
I wanted you both to have a copy of this so I rewrote it. I had a school assignment in October 2005 to write an essay on who I thought deserved an award for being a hero, and I chose Bobby. I hope you like it.
Love always, Ashley

Ashley was 15 years when she wrote this.

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